Ms. Rebecca Louden, IV Dan:USTF-4-646

USTF Class A Referee

USTF Class B Instructor

International Sparring/Patterns/Breaking Competitor 

Instructor-Shiloh Home for Boys


I got involved in Taekwon-Do around the age of 12 years old. I knew I needed to learn self defense, and one class at Foothills convinced me that I had found the right school. (I had taken a class at another nearby location, but found the teaching there to be of the “Do like this” style; not exceptionally meaningful or applicable.)

I immediately loved patterns and hated sparring.  That was back in the “Dungeon” days, when Ho Sin Sool wasn’t yet part of the requirements. I never dreamed of breaking anything.  My main goal was survival.

The years stretched out and I came and went from TKD, going to college, getting married, getting divorced, never quite wanting to quit permanently.  I never dreamed of being a black belt, of participating in international tournaments, and yet these things happened anyway.  I learned all about myself in ways I never really anticipated.  I even learned to appreciate sparring, and find the beauty of technique in breaking.  Mostly, I learned about obstacles I had to overcome within myself in order to move forward.

Taekwon-Do and its instructors continued to be good for me. In 2007, I was offered the opportunity to volunteer teach at Shiloh House, a residential program for boys who came from families with domestic violence.  I feel I have benefitted from the program as much as I hope the kids have. Tough love can accomplish amazing things.

I accept goals as they become apparent to me.  I know I owe so much to my instructors and to all the people who have helped me along the way.