Julie Farris, V Dan:  USTF-5-305                                              

USTF Class A Referee/ Class B Instructor

International Sparring & Breaking Gold Medalist

Head Instructor – Foothills’ Ken-Caryl Location


As a kid, I would run through the Arizona desert wearing mom’s go-go boots, pretending to be Wonder Woman. When I was six years old, we moved back to our native Colorado, and my family happened across a martial arts demonstration.  I was mesmerized that women were part of the performance too.  They seemed like real-life super heroes.  It was then that I knew I wanted to be a martial artist.


In 1980, my older brother joined Foothills Taekwon-do, under Doug Hinman and Senior Master Dale Burkhart.  I soon followed, at age eleven.  We went through the ranks together, training in Foothills’ concrete basement “dungeon” during the week and on weekends, and running the stairs and doing patterns at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  It was always a privilege to have Senor Grand Master Sereff lead our colored belt testings.  In 1985, my brother and I tested for our 1st Dan black belts together, which was a truly special life moment.  During my college years, I had the tremendous honor of training under Master Rob Tobin and Sr. Master Jonas Pologe, both of whom helped me achieve my 2nd and 3rd Dans.  

A very rewarding aspect of being in Taekwon-Do has been the opportunity to train at interesting locations around the world including Katmandu, Nepal; Maturin, Venezuela; and Cali, Colombia. I discovered kindred spirits everywhere I went.  In Katmandu, for example, I passed an open-air butcher selling bloody yak legs inches from the traffic, on my way to the local Taekwon Do do-jang.  Once inside the gym however, I might as well have been training right here in Colorado.  ITF consistency between schools was remarkable in my travels.


My martial arts career also segued into film and television.  I was a stunt performer and featured extra in the movie Starship Troopers, and choreographed some fight sequences for the boot camp scenes.  I played a martial artist in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and worked on Star Trek Deep Space Nine as well as other television shows.  I received membership into the Screen Actors Guild in 1997.  During this time in Hollywood, I had a Taekwon-Do school in El Segudno, California.


Many years after walking into Foothills Taekwon-do as a curious kid, I am still here, training proudly under Senior Masters Dale Burkhart and Dennis Swan, and surrounded by people whom I love and admire.  I endeavor to pass on to my students everything given to me by all of the wonderful instructors who have guided me over my career, and of course Sr. Grand Master Chuck Sereff.  My life has been shaped by great men and women who lead by example.  I owe a tremendous debt to them all.  They are my true super-heroes.

Career Highlights

1981: joined the USTF/Foothills Taekwon Do

1985: 1st Dan Black Belt

1986: desgined Foothills Froggie Logo (won design contest)

1989: 2nd Dan Black Belt

1990: 3rd Dan Black Belt

1996 - 1999: Martial artist and stunt performer in film and television 

 Had Taekwon Do school in El Segundo, CA  

 Member Screen Actor's Guild

2009: IV Dan Black Belt (high test score)

Silver Medalist, Patterns - ITF South American Games in Cali, Colombia

Started Foothills Taekwon Do, Ken Caryl branch

2011: Gold Medalist Sparring & Power Breaking, Silver Medalist Technical Breaking and Punch Break - USTF International Tournament in Broomfield, CO

2013: V Dan Black Belt