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Shiloh House is a residential program for boys who have suffered abuse or neglect, and the program helps them become more mature, responsible, and confident. The Shiloh Outreach Taekwon-Do Program teaches complimentary Taekwon-do classes to the boys.  We love these kids and it is always bittersweet when they graduate from their program and move out of the Shiloh House nest and hence, out of our TKD classes. 


Thoughts from Sr. Master Dale Burkhart - founder and leader of Shiloh House Taekwon Do Program

In 1990, I discovered the Shiloh House for Boys program, which is a resource for abandoned, abused, and troubled boys up to the age of 17.   I met the founder, Mr. Steven Ramirez (2nd Degree black belt who still trains with me today), and proposed teaching Taekwon-Do for the boys, once a week, to help instill self confidence and self discipline for now and for their future.  My program has proven to be very successful in helping them cope with life’s difficulties.  My rule is if they enjoyed training in Taekwon-Do, they must earn the privilege of continuing to train with me, through good behavior in there everyday home environment.   They must also sign an agreement that they will not misuse Taekwon-Do and that they will be on their best behavior all week long, to continue participating in our class.   This has proven to be very successful over the years and has allowed them to learn and achieve through promotions, tournaments and new skills, all on their very own.  For many, this is the first time they are ever able to achieve a sense of self worth, which they alone earn.  They gain a “can do” attitude instead of the negativity they have experienced up to this point.  All we can hope for is that our short time together is meaningful and helpful for the rest of their lives, and that they would even continue training in the future with one of our affiliate schools.  This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career; seeing young men’s lives changed for good, thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Ramirez and for their vision to make a difference. 

Thoughts from Becka Louden (Shiloh House Instructor) on her “Tenet Block” Program

After each class, the students have to take “Accountabilities.”   If a student has a negative accountability - some behavior during the past week which was negative - that student must announce it to the instructor at the end of class. Any student with a negative accountability is not eligible to receive a Tenet block.  So even if they had a good moment, that moment is cancelled out by their negative action.  Additionally, three negative accountabilities, three weeks in a row, mean they will not be allowed to return to class for a period of time, until the behavior stops.


If they have no negative accountability, but they achieve something positive or demonstrate outstanding leadership representative of a given tenet, they will receive a tenet block for that tenet, made out of boards previously broken. The block will have the Korean and English versions of the tenet, and their name will be burned on the back.  Also, their name will be burned on a wood piece which is then affixed to a board, for all to admire at the front of the room.  If they subsequently have a negative accountability, that name is removed from the board, until the behavior turns positive again. When a student earns a new tenet, a "candle" (flameless electric tea light) is lit on that tenet's spot on the tenets board for the duration of the class.”   


This program has proven to be extremely popular with the boys.  Here is what the tenet blocks look like: