Sr. Master Dale Burkhart

Sr. Master Dale L. Burkhart:A-8-9

USTF Senior Master Instructor

International Sparring & Breaking Coach

Former Colorado State Director

Head Instructor Foothills Taekwon-do & Shiloh House Boys Program


I joined Taekwon-Do in June of 1971 right out of high school.   I took it up on a dare from a friend because I used to make fun of martial artists with a typical “jock” attitude.  Needless to say, my first instructors, Mr. C. R. Robe, and Mr. Mike Roller both humbled me quickly and still impress me to this day.  I continued Tae Kwon Do at Mesa College (1972-1974), in Grand Junction, Colo. while playing football and trained under Mr. Bill and Kevin Johnson who were great instructors and actually delegated instructional duties for me to teach new white belt students while I was a green belt.  This began my love for instruction of our art.   I continued my education and being able to afford college through a football scholarship by transferring to Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, (1974-1977). I founded the Fort Lewis College Tae Kwon Do club along with a black belt named Mr. Rod Lamonyon my sophomore year which is still active at the college to this date.  I continued training and teaching as a blue belt my junior year after Mr. Lamonyon moved and then my senior year a new 2nd Dan, Mr. Greg Visconti team taught with me till I graduated in April of 1977 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and my 1st gup red belt.

I then moved back to Denver and began training back at Foothills with Mr. Doug Hinman and with Grand Master Sereff in Wheatridge, Colorado until he moved to Broomfield.  I became partners with Mr. Hinman in 1978 and have been there ever since. I now teach part time 1-2 times a month and keep involved with the USTF and my fellow seniors and friends.

My family consists of my lovely wife since 1980 (Robin) who is a retired 2nd Dan, Mandy who made it to 3rd Gup at one time, now living in Denver, Aubrey who made it to 9th Gup, who fell in love with Grand Junction, Colo, and now my wonderful grandson Taylor aka. (SPIKE) is now training part time and has achieved an 8th Gup yellow belt.   My hobbies have been travel which I became a big fan of since my wonderful experiences traveling around the world for international competitions and making life long friends.  I thoroughly enjoy the game of golf which goes hand in hand with travel and breaking things, even though I have a long way to go before I conquer this game.  I love classic cars since I have 2, (a 1940 Plymouth and a 1925 Buick), which are being neglected as we speak.  As long as I am physically able I enjoy most sports both as a participant and fan.  And for some reason have developed quite a large Frog collection from all around the world.



  • To date I started in June of 1971 in Tae Kwon Do and have been instructing since 1974.

  • Achieved 1st Dan in June of 1979 in Denver, Colorado.

  • Achieved 2nd Dan in June of 1981 achieving High Test Score with the honor of General Choi Hon Hi in attendance in Denver, Colorado.

  • Featured on ESPN, as a PKA full contact point team member.  Also participated in various PKA events in full contact kick boxing with the Foothills Furies., in 1981- 1982.

  • Bronze medalist in the 1st USTF national championships in heavyweight sparring at Mammoth Gardens in Denver, Colo.  1982.

  • Gold Medalist in Individual power breaking at 2nd USTF national championships in Denver, Colorado and achieved overall Grand Champion in 1984.

  • Team Gold medalist in the South Pacific Tae Kwon Do Championships in Wellington, New Zealand in 1985.  Also earned Bronze medal in individual Heavyweight sparring.

  • Gold medalist in heavyweight sparring, gold medalist in individual power breaking, overall breaking champion and 1st runner up for overall grand champion earning a spot on the U.S. team at national qualifications in 1986.

  • Gold medalist in senior patterns, and team silver medalist for mens team power breaking in the Choi Cup championships hosted in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1987.

  • 3 time Gold Medalist at the Vth World Championships hosted in Athens, Greece in 1987, for individual turning kick, punch, and team power breaking.  Voted team captain and the U.S. team finished 3rd place in the World overall.

  • Became head instructor of Foothills Tae Kwon do in Nov. of 1987.

  • Player/coach for the regional U.S. team championships hosted in Denver, Colorado in 1988.  Foothills finished 1st in team patterns, 1st in team sparring and 4th in team breaking, and 1st overall grand champions.

  • layer/coach for the National Team championships hosted in Denver in 1988 achieving 1st Place in team breaking, 1st place in team patterns, and 2nd place overall grand champions.

  • 2nd place in power breaking, 3rd in patterns,  3rd place in heavyweight sparring in 1989 Texas Invitational tournament in Odessa, Texas.

  • Finished 1st place in heavyweight sparring at C.U. invitational in 1989.

  • Player/coach in regional team championships, earning 1st place in team sparring, 1st place in team patterns, making Foothills 1st place in team breaking, earning overall grand champions, in 1990.

  • Qualified and voted U.S. team captain for the VIIth World Championships hosted in Montreal, Canada in 1990.  Achieved silver medal for individual overall power breaking and a Bronze medal for men’s team power breaking.  The U.S. finished 5th place overall.

  • Appointed Colorado Western Slope testing director in 1990 by Grand Master Sereff.

  • Founded the Shiloh House home for boys Tae Kwon Do program in 1991 – 1997.

  • Appointed Sereff’s World camp director by Grand Master Sereff in 1991.

  • Appointed Colorado State Director in Region 2 for the USTF in 1991.

  • Appointed U.S. team trainer for Region 2 in 1994 to prepare competitors for the IXth World Championships in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.  Which resulted in the best female performances in USTF history and great results for the U.S. overall.

  • Introduced Tae Kwon Do as an official event for the Colorado State Games in 1995-1997.

  • Coached U.S. contingent of team and individuals for the Choi Cup hosted in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1996.  Freezing half to death and bringing home lots of Invaluable experience and competitor medals.

  • Appointed U.S. head coach for the Xth World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1997.

  • Gold Medalist in the U.S. nationals in senior heavyweight sparring and individual power breaking hosted in Odessa, Texas.

  • Appointed as U.S. assistant coach for the XIth World championships hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1999.

  • Appointed as U.S. assistant coach for the XIIth World championships hosted in Rimini, Italy in 2001 and the last true ITF world championships before the death of General Choi.

  • Had the honor of working with the following Foothills TKD medalists, students and friends preparing them for International and World competitions.  (Doug Hollis, Cheryl (Zacagnnini) Taylor, Bev Hollis, Carl Benton. Tim Marshall, Jeff Thompson, Pete Holman Mary Fleet, Stephanie Scott, Julie Marshall, and Jon Fisher) plus many others over the years from Colorado and around the country.  Foothills students achieved 7 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, and 8 Bronze medals as World Class competitors.

  • Achieved the rank of Master Instructor in December of 2001 and promoted by my instructor Grand Master Sereff.  he promotion of my long time student and friend since 1980, Master Dennis Swan who has been a very loyal and faithful friend.

  • Promoted to 8th Dan, Sr. Master Instructor by Grand Master Sereff in 2009.

This journey has traveled so quickly over the 1971, I still don’t know where time has gone.   My favorite parts on this journey have been the many lifelong friendships built all over the world which I value most.  I have enjoyed the growth of club mascots which has been a lot of competitive fun all starting from Froggie. One of my favorite highlights was participating in Grand Master Sereffs VIIth Dan testing in front of General Choi, which is one of the most impressive testings I have ever seen.  And the list could go on and on.   In conclusion, though my current activities have been reduced I am still as excited today to work out or teach as I have always been.   As we speak I am very happy to rejuvenate the Tae Kwon Do program we had for abused youth with Shiloh House at 3 different campuses.  I am also excited for the future of the USTF as we move into the 21st century, while helping Grand Master Sereff in anyway I can.  I attribute my longevity to the many instructors I was able to train with through my career, not being in a hurry to obtain rank until I was ready, great competition, my wife and my families support, learning how to establish my priorities, and the lifelong friendships of my close friends, peers, and most importantly my instructor.  I have been blessed to share the talents and gifts I have been given and look forward to many years of continual growth in this wonderful art we know as Tae Kwon Do.